Atlas Theological Center

The ATLAS Theological Center is a hybrid seminary/church ministry which seeks to keep faith deeply rooted in Scripture and to keep study deeply rooted in faith.

In a word, ATLAS is APOSTOLIC.
In a phrase, ATLAS is fully Trinitarian in four streams - Charismatic, Evangelical, Sacramental, and Social.

ATLAS provides leadership, diaconal, and priesthood ordination training to those within all streams of the Anglican Communion around the world, in a way that is academically excellent, spiritually genuine, historically based, economically affordable, and easily accessible.

ATLAS also provides training to those from all Christian backgrounds, which is consistent with the identity of Anglicanism being the center-way for both Protestants and Catholics, and being the historical trunk for many Protestant branches. These programs also serve as clergy continuing education for clergy from many denominational and non-denominational groups.

ATLAS is the acronym for Apostolic/Anglican Theology Liturgy And Spiritual formation because belief, worship, and character are inseparable. How we study, how we worship, and how we mature are all integrated.

God is calling ATLAS to equip the saints with the Truth that will set them free and make them mature. We seek to do so through education (Content), training (Competence), and transformation (Character).

Our programs are on-site in Florida as well as on-line around the world, at the Certificate Level, at the non-accredited Masters level, and at the accredited Seminary level.

All of the available courses are listed below. Click on the links to see the Curriculum for each area of study.

Deacon Studies | Biblical Studies and Theology | Anglican Studies | Church History | Ministry | Greek and Hebrew