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Introduction to Biblical Eldership

Introduction to Biblical Eldership

Introduction to Biblical Eldership examines the Bible's teaching on the presence, responsibilities, qualifications, and importance of elders in the local church.

At a Glance

  • Access to 12 lessons of guided inductive Bible study, reading comprehension questions, instructional video and audio clips, discussion questions, integrative assignments, and other content
  • Provides a structured and comprehensive introduction to Biblical eldership through the careful study of God’s Word and thoughtful interaction with Alexander Strauch’s Biblical Eldership
  • 24/7 access for 6 months to complete the course at your own pace


Aproximately 40 hours

More Details

Introduction to Biblical Eldership is a 12 lesson course that examines the Bible’s teaching on the presence, responsibilities, qualifications, and importance of elders in the local church. The course is especially designed for the training of current and prospective elders, though any student of this course will gain insight into Biblical leadership. It aims to refresh and challenge each student’s vision of godly church leadership and their relationship to that leadership through inductive study of the Word, careful reflection on ministerial practice, and thoughtful interaction with Alexander Strauch’s Biblical Eldership, the teaching of John Piper, and various other pastors and theologians. The course concludes with a consideration of pragmatic issues, seeking to apply biblical wisdom to contemporary church life.

Course Overview

  • Overview of Biblical Eldership and Leadership within the Local Church
  • Biblical Pattern and Precedent for Eldership
  • Role of the Elders in Governing, Teaching, and Training the Church
  • Elders Serving as Examples
  • Qualifications for Eldership in the Home and World
  • Elders and the Congregation
  • Elders in the Modern Church
  • The Significance of Biblical Eldership under God

Course Format

A series of 12 lessons that each include an introduction, lesson objectives, inductive Bible study training, critical interaction with secondary sources, comprehension questions, video and audio content, and discussion questions if studying with a group.


What do I need to take this course?
You will need an internet connection that allows you to view videos and the required textbook written by Alexander Strauch, Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership.

Should I take this course if I am an Elder or already know about Eldership?
We believe that this course will strengthen your knowledge and love for a Biblical model for Eldership, regardless if you have already been introduced to the topic. As you work through this course, you will see Biblical Eldership from a distinct perspective, that is, one that is Elder Led but Congregational in nature. Likewise, the audio, video, and course content adds a unique experience to seeing Biblical Eldership in the Church. Our hope is that this course will challenge you to critically examine the Scriptures to understand the biblical view of leadership, especially eldership in the local church. These values will greatly benefit anyone seeking to go deep into the Bible.

For what setting was this course designed?
This course can be taken as an independent study but also provides discussion questions and integrative assignments for an informal or formal group study. The course would work well in a rigorous Sunday school environment, as part of a small group study, within a discipleship or training context, or in an academic program.

Can I take this course as a part of a group?
We encourage anyone taking a course from us to do it within a local church context. Churches may use our courses as the theological content for group studies. Questions are included in each lesson to facilitate discussion.

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