Bethlehem Institute Online

The Bethlehem Institute Online is the virtual extension of the Bethlehem Institute. In other words, we offer a variety of rigorous, God-centered, Bible and theology classes to equip men and women to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.

At Bethlehem Institute Online, we offer two certificates designed to equip students in theology, Bible study, and Biblical leadership. Each certificate is designed to highlight Bethlehem’s theological distinctives, promote Biblical knowledge and fidelity, and equip students for leadership positions in their local church.

  • John Piper
    Dr. John Piper

    Chancellor and Professor of Biblical Exegesis
    Bethlehem College & Seminary
    Founder and Teacher,

A learning track is a series of courses that all relate to a specific topic. These tracks offer an opportunity for you to pursue a more comprehensive program of study than a single course would provide. Each course within a track typically builds on the prior course so that you are progressively gaining mastery of a specific area of study.

If you have the drive to constantly take your studies to the next level, learning tracks are for you.

Most tracks require a significant investment of time, and therefore completion of a track is a genuine accomplishment. To recognize the diligence and effort involved in this undertaking, BibleMesh and its partners will recognize your achievement by awarding you with a certificate of completion when you successfully finish a learning track. More important, however, is the transformation that you will undergo by gaining understanding and skills that will better equip you to love and serve God.

If you are interested in earning a credit-bearing certificate that provides degree pathway opportunities to partner academic institutions, you will need to enroll in the BibleMesh Institute. For more information go here.