Know How We Got Our Bible (Instructor)
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Know How We Got Our Bible (Instructor)

In this book scholars Ryan Reeves and Charles Hill trace the history of the Bible from its beginnings to the present day, highlighting key figures and demonstrating overall the reliability of Scripture.

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Know How We Got Our Bible

By:  Ryan Matthew Reeves and Charles E. Hill

As part of the KNOW series, Know How We Got Our Bible the authors begin with the writing of the Bible's books (including authorship and dating), move into the formation of the Old and New Testaments (including early transmission and the development of the canon), and conclude with several chapters on Bible translation from the Latin Vulgate to the ongoing work of translation around the world today.

Written simply and focused on the overarching story of how the Bible came to us today, Know How We Got Our Bible is an excellent introduction for formal students and lay learners alike. Each chapter includes reflection questions and recommended readings for further learning.

Table of Contents

    Foreword by Justin S. Holcomb
  1. Who’s on First
  2. The Old Testament
  3. The Septuagint and the Apocrypha
  4. The New Testament
  5. The Earliest Christians
  6. The Vulgate
  7. The Medieval Bible
  8. The Renegade Bible of John Wycliffe
  9. The Bible and the Reformation
  10. The Protestant Bible in English
  11. The King James Bible
  12. The Modern Bible Movements
  13. The Bible Today—and Tomorrow
  14. Notes

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Authors & Instructors

Ryan Matthew Reeves
Dr. Ryan Matthew Reeves

Ph.D., Cambridge University

Ryan M. Reeves is Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Dean of the seminary’s Jacksonville campus. Also a visiting lecturer at Reformed Theological Seminary, Reeves has written English Evangelicals and Tudor Obedience and co-written The Story of Creeds and Councils (Baker, 2018). He hosts the Historical Theology for Everyone blog at The Gospel Coalition. .

Charles E. Hill
Dr. Charles E. Hill

Ph.D., Cambridge University

Charles E. Hill is John R. Richardson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and author of several books, including Who Chose the Gospels?: Probing the Great Gospel Conspiracy (Oxford, 2010).