Union Theological College

Union Theological College in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has a history of providing theological education that stretches back to the founding of the original Presbyterian College there in 1853. The College’s primary task is to prepare students for ministry in contemporary Ireland. Union also welcomes students from all backgrounds and perspectives to study Christian theology at undergraduate and postgraduate level in a community of faith and scholarship.

  • Martyn Cowan
    Dr. Martyn Cowan

    Martyn Cowan is lecturer in historical theology at Union College. His PhD from the University of Cambridge on the Reformed Orthodox theologian John Owen has been published as The Prophetic Preaching of John Owen: Preaching, Prophecy and Politics. He is enthusiastic about using new technology to help his students gain the most from their studies.

  • Michael McClenahan
    Dr. Michael McClenahan

    Michael McClenahan is Professor of Systematic Theology at Union Theological College, Belfast and the Executive Director of BibleMesh.