The Least-Reached Peoples and Places

Frontiers’ mission: inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus

Our global priorities focus on the peoples and places with the least access to the Gospel. To this end, we work to recruit, train, and send teams of workers to live in Muslim communities and bring Christ's message to those who have yet to hear it.

The Frontiers Candidate Assessment is designed to take an inventory of Frontiers candidates’ current knowledge of the Bible, Christian doctrine, and worldview. As such, students are not expected to study or prepare for the assessment. This is simply a tool to help us understand the starting point for our candidates in terms of biblical and theological knowledge. It is not designed as a test in order to filter candidates but rather as a coaching tool so that we can help you grow.

To enroll in your class group for the Frontiers Assessment:

    1. Click into the Assessment course icon below.
    2. Complete the check-out process by creating your account and enrolling in the Frontiers Candidate Assessment.
    3. Sign into your account and enroll yourself into the class group. Click here to see how.

Please Note: For this assessment, an instructor will oversee and confirm your scores.