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Systematic Theology: Doctrine of Last Things
Ottawa Theological Hall

Systematic Theology: Doctrine of Last Things

This course will provide the student with an overview of the Biblical teaching on the doctrine of the last things, or eschatology.

At a Glance

Course Requirements

  1. Listening to all the lectures
  2. Completion of required reading
  3. Final written examination
  4. A two 500 word essay, on an approved topic related to the content of this course.
  5. An annotated sermon outline on a passage of Scripture which teaches about the Church.

Note: This course is only for Ottawa Theological Hall (OTH) students.

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Course Outline

  • Lecture 1:
  • Lecture 2:
  • Lecture 3:
  • Lecture 4:
  • Lecture 5:
  • Lecture 6:
  • Lecture 7:
  • Lecture 8:
  • Lecture 9:
  • Lecture 10: