Apologetics at the Cross (Instructor)
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Apologetics at the Cross (Instructor)

This textbook provides a readable introduction to the field of apologetics. You will be informed and equipped for engaging a wide range of contemporary challenges with the best in Christian thought.

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Apologetics at the Cross

By: Joshua D. Chatraw and Mark D. Allen

Unique in its approach, Apologetics at the Cross presents the biblical and historical foundations for apologetics, explores various contemporary methods for approaching apologetics, and gives practical guidance in "how to" chapters that feature many real-life illustrations. With their respectful approach, which pays special attention to the attitude and posture of the apologist, Chatraw and Allen equip Christians to engage skeptics with the heart as well as the mind.

Table of Contents

    • Abbreviations
    • Preface
    • Intro: An Invitation to Apologetics at the Cross
    PART 1: The Foundation for Apologetics at the Cross
    • 1. Apologetics in the Bible: Part 1
    • 2. Apologetics in the Bible: Part 2
    • 3. Apologetics within the Great Tradition: Part 1
    • 4. Apologetics within the Great Tradition: Part 2
    PART 2: The Theological Structure for Apologetics at the Cross
    • 5. Making Sense of the Methods
    • 6. Taking People to the Cross through Word and Deed
    • 7. Cruciform Humility before God and Others
    • 8. Appealing to the Whole Person for the Sake of the Gospel
    • 9. Contextualization through the Lens of the Cross
    PART 3: The Practice of Apologetics at the Cross
    • 10. Preparing to Engage (not Spin) in Late Modernism from the Inside Out
    • 11. Engaging in Late Modernism
    • 12. Dealing with Defeaters
    • 13. Making a Case

    • Scripture Index
    • Subject Index

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Authors & Instructors

Joshua D. Chatraw
Dr. Joshua D. Chatraw

Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Josh D. Chatraw serves as Executive Director of the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement and as Director of the Theology and Apologetics programs at Liberty University. Coauthor of Truth Matters and Truth in a Culture of Doubt, Chatraw has served in pastoral ministry and is a Fellow with the Center for Pastor Theologians.

Mark D. Allen
Dr. Mark D. Allen

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, D.Min. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Mark D. Allen serves as the Chair of Liberty University’s Biblical and Theological Studies Department and the Director of the Greek Program. His Ph.D. from Notre Dame focused on Christianity and Judaism in antiquity and his dissertation dealt with Old Testament critical scholarship. Mark brings twenty years of church planting and pastoral experience.