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Man and Woman: Biblical Essentials
Biblical Foundations

Man and Woman: Biblical Essentials

A concise biblical-theological survey of God’s design for man and woman as originally established at creation, subsequently distorted at the fall, powerfully restored in Christ, and finally consummated in the future eternal state. Perfect for personal and small group study.

At a Glance

  • A full-Bible theological survey on gender and marriage roles appropriate for personal and small group study and church-based leadership training courses
  • Access to 8 concise units of instruction abridged from the fuller course authored by the noted popular author Andreas Kӧstenberger assisted by his wife Margaret, author of Jesus & the Feminists
  • Strategic exploration of the biblical teaching on the identities and roles of men and women from Genesis to Revelation with a concluding unit on God’s design lived out today
  • Over 30 instructional videos and interviews featuring the instructors
  • Thoughtful reflection questions, optional online assessments, and other helpful tools for individual students and church leaders
  • 24/7 access for 12 months, so you can complete the course at your own pace
  • Individual introductory course price $15; regular price $20
  • Contact us to inquire about group discounts

Beginner / Intermediate

Approximately 30-60 hours

More Details

In light of the increasing ferment surrounding male and female identities and roles in our culture, it is vital to return to the biblical foundations to explore God’s design for man and woman first-hand. This timely and relevant study spans the panorama of the biblical teaching from Genesis to Revelation based on the authors’ acclaimed book God’s Design for Man and Woman (Crossway). This is an abridged version of the full course, God’s Design for Man and Woman, also offered by BibleMesh in partnership with Biblical Foundations.

In this course, students will find answers to questions such as: What is God’s original design for men and women? How did the fall of humanity impact the male-female relationship? What is Jesus’ teaching on the subject? How does redemption in Christ affect the husband-wife relationship and women’s roles in the church? What was the practice of the early church? What light does Paul’s teaching shed on the issue? Is the biblical teaching on this topic coherent? What are the implications of God’s design for our everyday lives in the home, the church, and society?

Course Overview

  • Unit 1: Toward a Biblical Theology of Man & Woman
  • Unit 2: God’s Original Design (Genesis 1-3)
  • Unit 3: Patriarchs, Kings, Priests & Prophets (OT)
  • Unit 4: What Did Jesus Do? (Gospels)
  • Unit 5: What Did the Early Church Do? (Acts)
  • Unit 6: Paul’s Message to the Churches (First 10 Letters)
  • Unit 7: Paul’s Legacy (Letters to Timothy & Titus)
  • Unit 8: God’s Design for Man & Woman Lived Out Today

Course Format

A series of 8 units, each including instruction on key portions of Scripture’s teaching on God’s design for man and woman, engaging videos featuring the instructors of the course, and various optional tools for assessment and further engagement.


What is unique about this course?
Beyond a mere treatment of key passages, this course will help you connect the dots – that is, appreciate the biblical teaching on God’s design for man and woman in its entirety. Unlike other courses that focus primarily on the role of women, this course covers the identities and roles of both men and women. Rather than being taught exclusively by a male instructor, this course is authored and facilitated by a husband-and-wife team, ensuring that both men’s and women’s voices are equally represented throughout. The course is specifically designed to be used in a local church or college setting to equip the next generation to be grounded in the biblical teaching on male-female identities and roles and to live it out in their personal lives and in the church. Individuals seeking a deeper engagement with the biblical teaching on men’s and women’s identities and roles will also greatly benefit from this course.

Who is God’s Design for Man and Woman aimed at?
MWBE is written as an accessible biblical-theological examination of God’s revealed will for male and female, and is written especially for personal and small group study, including lay and elder leadership training. Those desiring to explore Scripture’s teaching on this topic will engage in a strategic study of the biblical material and grapple with implications for their everyday lives and decision-making in relationships and in the church.

What do I need to take this course?
You will need an internet connection and a Bible.

How should I use the course?
MWBE is ideal for personal or small group study and leadership training in the local church.



Andreas Kӧstenberger
Dr. Andreas Kӧstenberger

Andreas Kӧstenberger is the founder of Biblical Foundations™ and Senior Research Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of God, Marriage, and the Family, The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown, Invitation to Biblical Interpretation, and many other helpful biblical resources.

Margaret Kӧstenberger
Dr. Margaret Kӧstenberger

Margaret Kӧstenberger is Adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of Jesus and the Feminists. Together with her husband, she authored God’s Design for Man and Woman. The Kӧstenbergers have four children and live in North Carolina.