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Intermediate Latin I: Beza's Romans
The Davenant Trust

Intermediate Latin I: Beza's Romans

This course covers the first half of Theodore Beza’s Latin translation of Romans for intermediate Latin students.

At a Glance

Course Overview

  • Students will translate the first eight chapters of Romans
  • Lectures cover the grammatical details of each verse as well as Beza’s summary of each chapter, using scanned images of a 16th century edition of the Latin New Testament
  • Each Unit is designed to give students multiple exposures to the passage through transcription, translation, reading, and grammatical analysis
  • Students use Cerego to review basic vocabulary and complex grammatical sections from each passage
  • Quizzes are at the end of each unit to test on Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension
  • 24/7 access for 12 months to complete the course at your own pace


approximately 45 hours

More Details

For students who have finished all of NSA Latin, or completed a year of Latin grammar, and desire to move into biblical and theological Latin, Beza’s Romans text is an excellent example of a biblical translation which is both faithful to the text and superb humanist Latin in its own right.

Course Format

Organized into 8 units, covering 8 chapters of Romans. Each unit covers one or two chapters, with transcription, vocabulary, grammar, and translation exercises, as well as lectures fully explaining the grammatical details of each verse.


What is the prerequisite for this course?
Ideally, you have completed the entirety of Latin grammar in a text like Lingua Latina, Wheelock, or NSA Latin, with some minor readings. The grammar used in the course assumes that you have covered it already, and reviews, but does not teach old material.

How long is each unit?
This depends on your ability. Each unit has 5 sections. The transcription and reading sections are the shortest and should be completed in about 15 minutes. The vocabulary and grammar sections use Cerego, and so will take longer depending on how fast you can learn the material. The translation section is the longest. Each unit has about 15-20 verses to translation, and then a lecture which is usually about 30-45 minutes reviewing the text.

Should I take this course with or without a tutor/teacher?
If you have an excellent grasp of how language works and already have learned the basics of Latin, this course is designed to have everything that you need. But having a teacher to additionally review the material and discuss your translations (instead of grading them yourself) is a helpful tool that provides more precise feedback and accountability. If you would like to take this with a teacher, there are a number of options available at the Davenant Latin Institute.


Ryan Handermann
Ryan Handermann

Ryan lives in Moscow, Idaho with his wife and four rambunctious children. He has taught Latin for eight years in various capacities in school and online, to middle schoolers, high schoolers, undergraduate, and graduate level students. He currently interns at his local church, while teaching Latin online for the Davenant Latin Institute, which seeks to revive protestant wisdom for today.