Christar Pre-Assessment
The BibleMesh Institute

Christar Pre-Assessment

The Christar Pre-Assessment is designed to take an inventory of the Christar candidates’ current knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrine, and assess competencies in areas related to evangelism, discipleship, and cross-cultural ministry. The process includes an online exam and a 1-hour interview, after which students will receive a Custom Program Plan detailing required or recommended coursework.

At a Glance

Christar candidates will complete the Pre-Assessment Exam and Interview in order to demonstrate levels of competency in the three key areas of Christar's core qualities: biblical acumen, doctrinal and historical-theological awareness, and communicative ability. Students can expect questions from the following categories:

  • Old Testament Theology
  • New Testament Theology
  • Bible Interpretation
  • Systematic Theology and Doctrine
  • Historical Theology and Church History

Requirement for Christar candidates

100 question assessment

(+) 1-hour interview

More Details

Based on Pre-Assessment scores, students may be required to complete some or all of the Christar Certificate track, which includes the following courses:**

  • Intro to Theology and Bible Interpretation
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Intro to Christian Doctrine
  • Methods in Missional Theology
  • 3 Electives

Students will receive a Custom Program Plan upon review of their Pre-Assessment scores by the BibleMesh administrators, which will be provided to Christar as part of the candidate’s application process.

** The cost for each course enrollment is $250 per month (the average completion timeframe is 2-3 months per course)

  • Average cost per 3-credit-hr course at an accredited evangelical seminary = $1,800.00
  • Average cost per 3-credit-hr course through the BibleMesh Institute = $500.00
    • All BMI credits (with grade of C or better) equates to 3 credit hours transferable to a partner school.