NTS335/NTS635: Romans
The BibleMesh Institute

NTS335/NTS635: Romans

This course on Romans helps you grasp how the message of Romans can have the same powerful impact today that it did when it was first written.

At a Glance

  • Assigned proctor to guide you through the course and provide extra assignments
  • Access to all course material—video lectures; readings enhanced by maps, photos, timelines, and charts; key concept reviews, and quizzes
  • Access to the Cerego learning system to build memory retention of course objectives
  • $250 per month access to complete the course at your own pace


120 hours

Only enroll in this course if you have applied to the BibleMesh Institute, been accepted and directed to take this course.

More Details

Based on the Romans commentary by Douglas Moo, this course brings the meaning of Paul's great letter into the twenty-first century. Moo comments on the text itself, explores issues in Paul's culture and in ours that help us understand the ultimate meaning of each passage, and suggests ways in which the eternal theology of Romans can be understood and lived out in our modern culture.

All course material—instructional videos, readings, practical exercises, and quizzes—is available online for study at your own convenience.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Romans 1
  3. Romans 2
  4. Romans 3
  5. Romans 4
  6. Romans 5
  7. Romans 6
  8. Romans 7 [MIDTERM]
  9. Romans 8
  10. Romans 9-10
  11. Romans 11
  12. Romans 12
  13. Romans 13
  14. Romans 14
  15. Romans 15-16 [FINAL EXAM]