THS430/THS730: God's Word Alone
The BibleMesh Institute

THS430/THS730: God's Word Alone

This course explores the historic, heroic adherence to sola scriptura, seeking to return today’s Christians to a biblical understanding of the authority of God’s Word.

At a Glance

  • Gain a greater understanding of the doctrine of Scripture and the history behind it
  • Obtain a better grasp on why key Christian doctrines matter to your faith today
  • Access to all course material—video lectures; full online textbook; key concept reviews, and quizzes
  • Access to the Cerego learning system to build memory retention of course objectives
  • $250 per month access to complete the course at your own pace


120 hours

Only enroll in this course if you have applied to the BibleMesh Institute, been accepted and directed to take this course.

More Details

Based on the popular textbook God's Word Alone by scholar and professor Matthew Barrett, this course explores the historical and biblical roots of the doctrine that Scripture alone is the final and decisive authority for God's people. Units explain the development of this theme in the Reformation and trace the crisis that followed, resulting in a shift away from the authority of Scripture. Each lesson shows that we need to recover a robust doctrine of Scripture's authority in the face of today's challenges and why a solid doctrinal foundation built on God's Word is the best hope for the future of the church. The God's Word Alone course is accessible to college and seminary students, pastors, lay learners, and anyone interested in learning about the authority of God's Word.

All course material—instructional videos, readings, practical exercises, and quizzes—is available online for study at your own convenience.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction: Sola Scriptura
  2. The Road to Reformation
  3. The Modern Shift in Authority
  4. Today's Crisis over Biblical Authority
  5. God's Word in the Economy of the Gospel
  6. God Speaks Covenantal Words
  7. God's Covenantal Word Proves True
  8. God Speaks with Authority
  9. God Speaks Truthfully
  10. God Speaks to Be Heard
  11. God's Speech is Enough
  12. Conclusion