GRK210/GRK510: Basics of Biblical Greek 2 (4th Edition)
The BibleMesh Institute

GRK210/GRK510: Basics of Biblical Greek 2 (4th Edition)

This Greek course is the second part of a two-course series designed to introduce you to the Greek language of the New Testament era. Designed for beginners and seasoned students looking to refresh their knowledge of Greek, this course is supported by the textbook Basics of Biblical Greek, 4th Edition.

At a Glance

  • Assigned proctor to guide you through the course and provide extra assignments
  • Access to 15 guided units on Greek grammar, vocabulary, and translation technique
  • Combines the standard Greek textbook with access to Cerego technologies for grammar and vocabulary
  • Provides the standard second-semester approach to introducing New Testament Greek
  • $250 per month access to complete the course at your own pace


Aproximately 130 hours

Only enroll in this course if you have applied to the BibleMesh Institute, been accepted and directed to take this course.

More Details

In Basics of Biblical Greek 2, you will continue to learn the foundational concepts for the Greek of the New Testament era. Accessing the online course at your own convenience, you will watch instructional videos, study Greek grammar, listen to audio recordings, use our cutting-edge vocabulary building application and extensive assessment tools.

Example Timeframe: 8–10 hours per week in order to complete in 16 weeks

Course Overview

  • Introduction
  • Unit 1: Imperfect Indicative
  • Unit 2: Second Aorist Active/Middle Indicative
  • Unit 3: First Aorist Active/Middle Indicative
  • Unit 4: Aorist and Future Passive Indicative
  • Unit 5: Perfect Indicative
  • Review and Exam 1
  • Unit 6: Introduction to Participles and Imperfective (Present) Adverbial Participles
  • Unit 7: Perfective (Aorist) Adverbial Participles
  • Unit 8: Adjectival Participles
  • Unit 9: Combinative (Perfect) Participles and Genitive Absolutes
  • Review and Exam 2
  • Unit 10: Subjunctive
  • Unit 11: Infinitive
  • Unit 12: Imperative
  • Unit 13: Indicative of δίδωμι
  • Unit 14: Nonindicative of δίδωμι and Conditional Sentences
  • Unit 15: ἵστημι, τίθημι, δείκνυμι and Odds ‘n Ends
  • Review and Exam 3