Asia Graduate School of Theology
AGST is a consortium of evangelical seminaries in the Philippines established by Asia Theological Association (ATA) in 1984 to offer post-graduate programs.

The purpose of AGST as a post graduate consortium of Evangelical institutions is to glorify God by providing quality theological education to prepare scholars and leaders for building and renewing the Church in Asia and beyond. AGST seeks to develop students spiritually, intellectually, and morally, and to equip them with values, knowledge, and skills for building up God’s Church and extending his kingdom.

BibleMesh is proud to partner with AGST to provide their students with Greek and Hebrew courses online.

To enroll in the AGST class group for the Greek 1 & 2 Bundle and/or the Hebrew 1 & 2 Bundle:

  1. Select the course bundle below and enter your 100% off discount code that has been provided to you by AGST.
  2. Complete the check out process by creating your account and enrolling in the course bundle.
  3. Sign into your account and enroll yourself into the class group for each course. Click here to see how.

Please Note: Even though these are self-study courses, an AGST professor will be overseeing your progress and grades within each course.