Foundation: Evangelism and Social Action

Foundation: Evangelism and Social Action

Social action flows out of a transformed heart. The gospel word produces communities who care for their neighbourhoods. Learn how social action and evangelism belong together without collapsing one into the other.

At a Glance

This 9 lesson course leads you step by step through bible passages, key concepts, practical examples and exercises.

Pace yourself by setting aside 40 minutes a day, for 30 days, to read, reflect, and pray your way through the course.

Each lesson includes
  • Insightful articles on Bible passages, doctrine and application
  • Instructional videos
  • Helpful illustrations
  • Interactive reflection boxes to make and store your notes
This course is ideal for
  • Christians who want to grow spiritually and who want to develop a gospel-centred approach to the subject
  • Pastors with busy schedules, who want to grow in character, ministry skills and gospel direction
  • Small groups who want to go deeper by studying in depth at home and then meeting together to discuss and share learning
  • Leadership teams and church planting core groups, who want to set out and implement a biblical vision for their church


20-25 hours

More Details

Learn how to transform your church or small group into a gospel speaking and serving community.

Course Overview

  • Unit 1. A Vision For Social Action
  • Unit 2. Models Of Social Action
  • Unit 3. Principles of Social Action
  • Unit 4. Including the Excluded
  • Unit 5. Evangelism and Social Action
  • Unit 6. The Culture Of Deprived Areas
  • Unit 7. Evangelising The Heart
  • Unit 8. Communities Of Grace
  • Unit 9. Communities of Welcome