Foundation: Christian Imagination

Foundation: Christian Imagination

It's not enough for the church to simply critique culture and cultural artefacts. This course helps us to get proactive about culture creation in the local church.

At a Glance

  • Access to an online ebook plus version of the course for 12 months


20-25 hours

More Details

Cultural artefacts, movies, paintings, songs, and literature shape the way people view the world and imagine new possibilities for behaviour. Taking the example of Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings," among others, this course gives a vision and practical steps for the church to influence and shape cultural imagination through our own artistic output.

Course Overview

  • Unit 1. Cultural engagement and the imagination
  • Unit 2. Why Christians often mistrust the imagination
  • Unit 3. What is the imagination?
  • Unit 4. What makes the Christian imagination distinctive?
  • Unit 5. Christian art and the pitfalls that derail It
  • Unit 6. Mapping the Christian imagination
  • Unit 7. Three artists who get it right
  • Unit 8. Worship and reforming the imagination
  • Unit 9. The artist and the Christian community

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