Two Year Programme Bundle - Year One

Two Year Programme Bundle - Year One

Working through the entirety of the Crosslands foundation curriculum across two years

At a Glance

For Learning Sites, Study Groups or individual students wanting to work through the entire suite of Crosslands foundation modules with a robust curriculum.

This termly programme studies 4 modules - 1 from the Character, Bible & Doctrine, Community & World streams - a term, across 3 terms to provide a yearly curriculum.

Over the course of these modules students will see how doctrine allows for character change and drives mission, both locally and globally.

Students who complete all modules are awarded an unaccredited Crosslands certificate.


220-280 hours

Save $55 when you enroll in all 11 modules

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Gospel Change

This course teaches you the dynamics of gospel change. It encourages you to apply the gospel deeply to your own life and to minister the gospel to those around you.

Gospel Living

This course is all about the very heart of the Christian life. Living a gospel centred life rooted and built up in Christ crucified, raised and ascended for us, is the goal and power of the Christian life. Learn to walk in the gospel.

Gospel Relationships

The gospel transforms all our relationships. It resolves conflict, and gives new purpose to friendships, parenting and marriages. In this course you will discover how you can be freed to serve and love others with gospel intentionality.

The Bible in Missional Perspective

The reason the church and mission go together is because of the way the bible story is told. this course will walk you through the bible story and show you how the story of the Gospel was always meant to form communities of light who take that message to the world. Find your part in the story.

Understanding God's Story

Learn how to understand passages of scripture in the light of the whole Bible story. This course teaches Christians how to get to the meaning of the text for its first readers and for us today.

Union with Christ

Union with Christ is the centre of the gospel. It’s been called the central doctrine of salvation. This course will teach you how the profound truth of a Christian's union and identity with Christ drives us to mission and joy in him.

Gospel Community

In this course you will learn the key characteristics of life in a gospel community, and how to play your part in forming gospel community where you are.

Church History in Missional Perspective

Church history is all about mission. It’s the story of the Father’s mission to bring peoples, tribes and nations, in every generation to know his son Jesus. Find out how, in every age, God calls his people back to faithful witness to the gospel.


Learn how to share the gospel in everyday life with friends and neighbours. This course teaches the importance of a church community in evangelism and making the gospel message relevant in everyday life. If our heads and our hearts are full of Jesus, then our conversations about him will flow out naturally.


Learn how to understand objections to the Christian faith and how to answer with the gospel in the context of relationships and everyday life.

Engaging with Context

The gospel is the best guide to contextualisation. This course sets out timeless principles from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians before moving into a biblical view of urban, suburban and rural contexts. You will find practical help and exercises to think through how to speak the gospel into your neighbourhood.




Tim Chester
Dr. Tim Chester

Tim Chester is a pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, a faculty member of Crosslands. He is the author of over 30 books and commentaries including You Can Change and A Meal with Jesus, as well as being co-author of Total Church.

Tim Ward
Revd. Dr. Tim Ward

Tim Ward teaches at Oak Hill Theological College and is a Crosslands faculty member, having previously taught at the Proclamation Trust Cornhill Training Course. Before that he was the pastor of a church in Leicestershire. He has written a book on the doctrine of Scripture.