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Foundation: Biblical Eldership

Foundation: Biblical Eldership

Work through a Biblical overview of the role and functioning of a local church eldership.

At a Glance

This course leads you through the role and functioning of a local church eldership and invited you to explore what this looks like in your context and the priorities for you at this point in time. Set aside 2-3 hours per week to read, reflect and pray your way through this Foundation Course.

Each lesson includes
  • Insightful articles on Bible passages, doctrine and application
  • Instructional videos and commentaries
  • Interactive reflection boxes to make and store your notes
This course is ideal for
  • Elders looking to develop firm foundations to lead gospel-centred, missionally-focussed churches
  • Trainee or new elders as part of their wider training and preparation for eldership
  • Eldership teams wanting to better understand their role and how they might work together more effectively
  • Existing church leaders who want to 'top-up' their theology with a course that has a strong missional, evangelical and reformational emphasis


20-25 hours

More Details

Work through a Biblical overview of the role and functioning of a local church eldership.

Brought to you by Crosslands, the Biblical Eldership course is divided into 9 lessons:

  • Unit 1 – Biblical overview of leadership (part 1)
  • Unit 2 – Biblical overview of leadership (part 2)
  • Unit 3 – Role of elders
  • Unit 4 – Character and qualifications of elders
  • Unit 5 – Gospel-shaped leadership: service
  • Unit 6 – Gospel-shaped leadership: love
  • Unit 7 – Leading the church
  • Unit 8 – Eldership in practice (part 1)
  • Unit 9 – Eldership in practice (part 2)

Course Options

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