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At Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN) we offer students a big picture overview of the Old and New Testaments. Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, or simply someone seeking to deepen your understanding of the Christian faith, these Old and New Testament courses will deepen your understanding of God’s relationship with Israel, Jesus’ ministry, and give you an appreciation of God’s great love and grace for all of us.

Old Testament Survey courses examine the creation of Israel as a nation and God’s process of building that nation to represent Him on earth. Dr. Douglas Stuart lays the foundation for understanding the struggles and triumphs of the relationship between God and Israel. He also provides additional information to help students grasp the full context of the Scriptures in the historical time period they were written.

New Testament Survey courses cover vital information regarding the birth and ministry of Jesus, the ministry of the disciples, the background and context of the New Testament books, and the growth of the early church. Dr. Craig Blomberg uses scripture as the primary focus of these studies, while also providing an important backdrop of relevant cultural, geographical, linguistic, and historical contexts in which the New Testament documents were written.

Old Testament Courses | New Testament Courses

  • Douglas K. Stuart
    Dr. Douglas K. Stuart

    Douglas Stuart is Professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, where he specializes in Assyrian and Babylonian languages and literature. He received a B.A. from Harvard University, did graduate studies at Yale Divinity School, and earned a Ph.D. from Harvard University.

  • Craig  Blomberg
    Dr. Craig Blomberg

    Craig Blomberg is the Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, in Littleton, CO, where he specializes in New Testament Studies. He received his B.A. from Augustana College, Illinois (with a triple major in mathematics, Spanish, and religion), a M.A. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

A learning track is a series of courses that all relate to a specific topic. These tracks offer an opportunity for you to pursue a more comprehensive program of study than a single course would provide. Each course within a track typically builds on the prior course so that you are progressively gaining mastery of a specific area of study.

If you have the drive to constantly take your studies to the next level, learning tracks are for you.

Most tracks require a significant investment of time, and therefore completion of a track is a genuine accomplishment. To recognize the diligence and effort involved in this undertaking, BibleMesh and its partners will recognize your achievement by awarding you with a certificate of completion when you successfully finish a learning track. More important, however, is the transformation that you will undergo by gaining understanding and skills that will better equip you to love and serve God.

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