Simeon Trust

When it was founded in January of 2001, the Charles Simeon Trust's vision was "to promote the growth of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world by training up the next generation of Biblical expositors." This vision remains the single conviction holding all of the work of the Charles Simeon Trust today.

The Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition is a flexible online training platform for people who want to get better at studying and teaching God’s Word. Using a unique combination of world-class professors and accomplished practitioners, the Course helps students become familiar with how to preach and teach from each genre of the Bible, how texts function in the context of the whole Bible, and how our doctrinal convictions should have an impact on our preparation. In short, we believe this Course offers great opportunities for churches and those wanting to grow because:

These courses are:

  • Practical, aimed at giving you the ability to understand the Bible and teach it clearly.
  • Challenging to those already in ministry, but require no formal training to engage.
  • A great tool for churches who want to train others in teaching the Bible.
  • An opportunity for students to learn from accomplished instructors and expositors.
  • A resource for pastors to reach a new depth in their ability to teach the whole counsel of God.