Arab World Missions
The Arab World Ministry of Pioneers (AWM-Pioneers) has a vision for church-planting among Muslim peoples of the Arab world.

Our passion is to glorify God throughout the nations of the world, through obedience to the Bible and by living and proclaiming the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is an act of worship to actively participate in some way in the Great Commission.

Our primary goal is to impact people groups that have had the least opportunity to hear the message of Christ – areas, cultures and people groups where the gospel has yet to be effectively proclaimed.

To enroll in the AWM-Pioneers class group for "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus":

  1. Select the course below and save $120 by entering the discount code: AWM2021
  2. Complete the check out process by creating your account and paying for the course.
  3. Sign into your account and enroll yourself into the class group. Click here to see how.

Please Note: This is a self-study, open enrollment course. AWM-Pioneers will be providing mentorship and facilitation of discussions within this course beginning July 12 for an eight-week period.