Acts 29


Porterbrook is written by practitioners with decades of experience in helping equip ordinary Christians live gospel­-centred lives. With a view to helping you form healthy disciple and disciple-makers in your church, the online courses cover four categories:

  • Bible and doctrine: because what we believe about God shapes our lives
  • Character: because the gospel changes us
  • Church: because we are saved into the community of God’s people
  • World: because we are called to make disciples in our neighbourhoods and reaching to the far corners of the globe

The course is designed so that individual users can access it and benefit from it. But ideally, the material will be studied in cohorts run by the local church, for that is God’s nursery where theological formation flourishes.

Porterbrook is a resource for you to use in whatever ways best serve your needs as a planter/ pastor, or simply as a disciple.

All that is needed is an open Bible, a laptop, phone or tablet, and you will be shown how to apply rich theology to your everyday life as a faithful follower of Jesus. Each module is comprised of 9 units which require around 40 minutes of study per day for 30 days.

In recognition of Acts 29 acquiring Porterbrook, all courses are available through November 15, 2016 at the reduced price of $15 per module. Access to each course lasts for 12 months. This means that the entire library of 24 courses is available for a mere $360!

Each of the online courses have been upgraded, and follows a step­-by-­step lesson plan, which includes:

  • videos
  • articles
  • study questions
  • personal reflection boxes and note taking
  • practical exercises

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